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is able to provide a wide range of power related products.

Alternatively we will modify standard product ranges, or build
a complete custom solution to fit your needs.



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AC/DC Motors/Actuators

We are the Australasian agents for the Transmotec range of electric motors, solenoids and actuators, including:

  • DC linear actuators
  • DC / BLDC motor controllers
  • AC motors syncronous gear
  • DC motors 1W-1000W gearless, planetary, spur, worm
  • DC brushless motors 10W-1200W
  • DC coreless motors 3W
  • DC stepper motors
  • Solenoids
  • Contact us about Transmotec by clicking HERE

Power Supplies
power supplies We have a wide range of power supplies available - from open frame OEM types to consumer ready plug packs and in line supplies. Power supplies from 5W to 5kW - and we have the knowledge and experience to match a product to your needs. ProTech's specialty is in modifying or customizing supplies to suit your needs and applications.

Battery Management
battery chargers
ProTech has a range of battery chargers for many applications, right up to multi kW forklift, wheelchair, golf cart and mobility scooter chargers. We have a range of linear and switchmode technology chargers, and our high power single and 3 phase battery chargers (1800W and up) are among the smallest available worldwide due to extensive use of cutting edge technology and design techniques.

High Power Battery Chargers
High Power Battery Chargers

A range of high power/ high current battery chargers with the following features:

  • Compact, highly efficient, cost effective
  • Intelligent three stage charging profile- custom profiles available for different battery chemistries.
  • LCD readout of all operational parameters
  • Over temperature and short circuit protection
  • Industry standard "Anderson" battery connector
  • Universal input voltage. Power factor corrected. 94% conversion efficiency
  • Built on Eaton power conversion technology
  • Available in voltage ranges from 24VDc to 180VDC output and current up to 100 Amps DC
  • Manufactured and supported in New Zealand
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty


  • Forklift traction battery recharging
  • Golf cart/ floor scrubber/ horticultural battery recharging
  • Telecommunication systems power and battery management
  • Industrial back up battery charging
  • Renewable energy system recharging and battery maintenance
  • Marine battery installations
  • Plug in electric vehicle recharging
  • Stand alone fixed voltage/current DC power supplies
  • Custom solutions available upon request

Dealer inquiries welcome


Power Security Modules

We have a range of DC UPS modules to add uninterrupted power (battery backup) capability to any DC power supply, paralleling modules to add redundancy to power systems, and supervisory modules to add alarms and remote control to any power supply.

ProTech has a range of power monitoring and alarm modules in many configurations for adding to any DC power supply. These modules convert your DC power system into a fully monitored and controlled system.


Power Conversion and Control
Rack of grid tied energy recycler inverters ProTech team have in the past designed a variety of power conversion equipment, and have a huge amount of expertise in power electronics design. We can source, supply, and design power conversion equipment, from plug packs to multi kilowatt inverters. ProTech NZ owns patents and design IP for world-leading grid tied inverter systems. We have been employed as consultant engineers by one of the largest power conversion companies in the world, and successfully completed the project under budget and ahead of schedule.

Electronics Consulting
electronics lab - consulting We are able to manufacture electronic products and equipment, from the design and hand built prototype stage, up to full mass production overseas. We can source and supply components and assist at any level needed with circuit design, PCB design, physical design and manufacturing considerations on a range of products from PC add on cards to commercial test equipment and factory motor drives.

Automotive Electronics
automotive electronic product We have designed and produce LPG conversion and ancillary equipment such as gas gauges, safety switches, automotive test instrumentation, and consumer automotive equipment.

Fitness Equipment
motor controller testing We have been commissioned to design various electronic add-on products for the fitness equipment industry, and have designed entire fitness equipment products in the past, including an innovative brushless DC motor controller for a treadmill, and various regenerative and magnetic braking systems for exercycles.

Consumer Electronics
electronic cat door production unit We have designed a variety of small consumer products, from power supplies to electronic pet doors and novelty electronics items. We evaluate electronic products to be imported and can provide full backup service and repair facilities for imported products.

Please call our sales team for more information, as we are unable to list the entire product range we have access to here.

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