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The staff at ProTech NZ have experience in many areas of electronics engineering. The following list shows some highlights of our combined experience, however we grow continuously and this should not be considered a definitive list. Please contact us if you have specific questions or would like to discuss a project or application need.

  Battery management - including world leading space saving, intelligent chargers for forklift and traction applications, and microprocessor controlled battery management systems. We have some of the highest technology battery management and charging systems in Australasia. We have developed a forklift oriented battery charger that is small enough to be mounted on the forklift (approx 5kgs in weight).
  Power supplies - from plug packs to multi kilowatt industrial, end user and OEM types. ProTech engineers have the knowledge and experience to evaluate our imported products and customise them where needed. We regularly advise and custom build a solution for our clients when they have an unusual application.
  Power supply add-on modules - ProTech build a range of add on modules for DC UPS (battery back up) capability, alarms, remote control, and status indication. Because we are able to custom design or modify to meet customer needs, our customers in the security industry
  Automotive products - CNG/LPG safety switch products, engine management, servicing aids. ProTech engineers were instrumental in developing electronics used in the automotive gas industry in NZ and Australia in the 1980's. We have a wide ranging expertise in the area of automotive electronics, and are currently involved in a project with the Chinese city of Beijing to develop the electronic control modules for a new LPG ignition system destined to run the city's bus fleet. In the past, we have evaluated emissions testing equipment trialled by Land Transport NZ.
  World leading grid-intertied inverters - 2kW to over 100kW. ProTech is actively working with renewable energy systems and is involved with various organisations around NZ and Australia to develop RE solutions based on our patented inverter technology. We have been consultant engineers for companies in NZ and Australia on many projects, from fuel cell power systems to embedded power controllers.
  ProTech has industrial design experience, such as the design of a hydraulics control system for managing all aspects of a truck mounted container lifting system. The system is in use in a container lift trailer that is being manufactured in NZ and exported. Industrial electronics design requires specialist knowledge and experience, both of which ProTech processes.
  Custom built power conversion and control equipment for mobility scooters, fork lifts and reach trucks, golf carts, and other traction applications. ProTech has designed motor controllers for mobility scooters, fitness equipment, and medical equipment. We are able to tailor any solution to achieve your goals, whether that means designing for manufacturability, low cost, durability, reliability or accuracy.
  ProTech's embedded systems experience is extensive. We have designed and put into production power converters, motor controllers, and fitness equipment controllers. We have consulted and assisted other companies with communications systems, power distribution and remote sensing and control systems. Our Auckland office has a dedicated embedded systems team, with the necessary hardware and software resources to tackle any scale project.

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